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Kompozitné izolátory

A special glass fibre (grade ECR) reinforced bar is used as a core for the composite insulators, the tensile strength of which exceeds that of steel. A weather resistant silicon elastomer cover is built around the core, which ensures an efficient water shedding and special insulating properties. The so called LSR silicon resin (which contains minimum 80-90% silicon polymer has been specifically developed to match the high voltage electrical requirements.

The LSR, due to its high percentage of silicon oil is a hydrophobic and self regenerating material, which operates efficiently also in highly polluted industrial environment.

The composite insulators represent the most developed and most reliable insulators nowadays. They eclipse the traditional (porcelain, glass) insulators in each and every respect! Due to the combination of a special design and high quality base materials, they have several significant advantages in comparison also with other composite insulators.



Kompozitné izolátory

Advantages compared with the traditional porcelain and glass insulators:

  • Hydrophobic, water-repellant properties, preventing the formation of any contiguous water layer on the insulator surface
  • Conclusively most reliable performance in highly polluted areas
  • Lighter weight
  • Easier to be installed
  • Vandalism-proof, non-breaking
  • Totally maintenance-free

Advantages compared with other composite insulators:

  • 30 years of experience and more than 1,000,000 pieces of insulators
  • Numerous significant international references in Europe and worldwide
  • Extended life-time and a more reliable operation, due to the high silicon-content LSR rubber coating
  • Failures caused by joining problems are absolutely excluded, since coating is made in only one piece
  • No sealing is needed between the metal fitting and the rubber coating, for this reason there are no failures which occur in the case of the other types of composite insulators.

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